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LP-1300EBA Vacuum Optical Coater

  • Model:LP-1300EBA
  • Specification:

Product Introduction

  • Capable of equipping Ion Source or plasma gun for depositing multi-layer and precise optical coatings.
  • When equipped substrate reverses mechanism, it would greatly reduce the processing time, get higher throughput, and lower production cost per unit.
  • With its hi-performance layer monitoring system and computerized system, it can fulfill precise thickness requirement for optical layer coating
  • Process control system runs on Windows system interface and easy to use
  • Repeatable and reliable coating
  • APS/ DSC / DSLR Camera Lens
  • PTV/ Liquid Crystal Projector Lens
  • Dichroic filter/ mirror
  • IR/ UV cut filter
  • DVD pick-up head and CCTV Lens
  • AR coating
LP-1300 EBA
Chamber Size
1300 mm
∮1200 mm
Main Performance
Ultimate Pressure
Better than 10-6 Torr
Operation Pressure
From 1 atm to 2x10-5 Torr within 30 minutes (unloading)
Substrate Temp
350℃ (Max)
Pumping System
Rotary Pump
3,000 L/min
Booster Pump
1500 M3/ hour
Diffusion Pump
45,000 L/ sec x 1
Meissner Trap
Cryogenic Refrigerator (-110 ~ -140℃)
Heating System
Micro Heater
Layer Monitoring System
Optical Monitor
LP Broad Band Monitor
Crystal Monitor
Single Sensor/ Six-pcs Sensor Head
Vacuum Gauge
Pirani (760 ~10-3 Torr); Cold Cathode (10-3 ~ 10-6 Torr)
Evaporation Source
Plasmatech 6KW/10KW
Rotation System
Planetary or Dome
Ion Source
Cooling water flow rate
150 L/min
Cooling Tower
Water Pressure: 4kg/ cm2; Pressure Drop: 2kg/ cm2
Cooling Water
Inlet: 18℃; Outlet: 25℃; Standard: 20±1℃
Air Compressor
3HP (Air Pressure: 6 ~ 8 kg/ cm2)
Grounding Resistance
Under 5Ω
Electrical Control System
PLC,PC (Windows system)
Total Power Requirement
Environment Requirement
Clean Room(ISO Class 5); Exopy Flooring; Air-conditioning; Temp.25±3℃; HUM50±10%