About us

POLYBELL INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. focuses on delivering high quality vacuum coating machines, plastic surface hard coating/ anti-fog coating line, and a variety of ultrasonic cleaning machinery. What we do is to provide optimal surface treatment solutions to the customers around the world who demands high quality machines of vacuum metallization, hard coating, and industrial ultrasonic cleaning. How we achieve it is tthrough the utilization of our expertise and resources to provide an optimum solution, including know-how, which fully satisfied all of our customer's needs.

What we offer:
Vacuum Coating Technology
Products Services
Batch type vacuum coaitng machines Deposition equipment design
Vacuum optical coating system Turnkey Solution
Sputtering Deposition Systems Customized coating system
Evaporation / Sputtering Systems  
In-line sputtering system  
Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine / Hard coating coating machine / Coating service
Products Services
Ultrasonic cleaning machine Hard coating service
Hard coating machine Permanent anti-fog coating service
Preheating machine Outside hard coating/ Inside anti-fog coating
Curing oven Technology transfer and counselling on hard coat/ anti-fog
Complete hard coating line New business development